Initial Consultation * Free

We set up a time to meet with you at your home. We are able to meet your animal(s) and make sure they are comfortable with us coming into your home. We then learn about their daily routine, feeding schedule, special needs, and answer any questions you may have. We then pick up a key to your home (or garage code) and set the schedule with you for the requested visits.

Basic Package * $15.00/visit

This visit includes letting the dog outside for bathroom breaks, fresh food and water, medication (if applicable), and 15 minutes of play time. This service is for a dog that may not be too socialized, or for a dog that does not require walking and much play time, such as an elderly dog or injured dog.

Intermediate Package * $17.00/visit

This visit is increased to 30 minutes, includes walking on the leash and bringing in the mail daily, as well as fresh food, water, and medication (if applicable). This includes cats and litter box cleaning. We dispose of the litter and do not leave anything in your home.

Concierge Package * $20.00/visit

With this level of service, the visit is increase to 40 minutes of play/social time; walking on leash (if applicable), fresh food and water, and medication (if applicable). Your mail is brought in every day. We will water any plants inside or outside as directed by you. We will also take your garbage and recyclables to the curb for you on the specified night and retrieve in the AM once picked up.

Overnight Stay * $60.00

Includes the 3 daily visits and staying at the home overnight to be with your animals.

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We also offer:

Vet visits * $30.00

Pick up your animal, transport to the vet, wait at the appointment, and then return the animal to your home.

Groomers * $34.00

Pick up and drop off your dog at the groomer. Return once animal is finished and take your pet back home.

Lawn Mowing * Priced based on your need

This price will be based on the size of the yard/lawn and be priced for you during you consultation.